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Our timeline takes you through the history of the Ross Town Carnival. If you’ve got any information to add to our archive, click here to submit your details.


Introduced in 2018, we now also crown a Carnival Prince!


The Ross-on-Wye Town Carnival celebrates it's 40th Anniversary.


In 1977, after years of no Carnival in Ross, a small committee formed to give Ross-on-Wye its Carnival once again.


The Dekin’s Rose Bowl offers an insight into the origins of the Ross Carnival. It is inscribed ‘Ross Hospital Carnival Challenge Bowl presented by Mr. & Mrs. Dekin Kyrle Picture Palace’ along with an inscribed list of people, businesses, and charities it has been presented to over the years. The bowl was first presented in 1929 to ‘T.E. Farmer’ and was then presented annually to Ross businesses until 1933 when Howard Vaughan received it. The next inscription is 1978 “Man of Ross” and then it was presented annually between 1982 and 2002 (with only a few exceptions). The inscription on the bowl seems to imply that the Ross Town Carnival may have originally been called the Ross Hospital Carnival and that it was set up as a fundraising event for the Ross Cottage Hospital that used to be on Gloucester Road. Save Save Save


Pictured is a carnival parade in Ross-on-Wye in 1924. This photograph was the cause of a Facebook debate over the road depicted. Originally thought to be the bottom of Broad Street, it is, in fact, Gloucester Road.


An undated photograph of what appears to be the crowning of the Carnival Queen, most likely taken in the Caroline Symmond’s Gardens near to what is today’s bandstand. This photograph was found along with some photos dated 1924. The ‘Royal Guards’ on the left of the image have the ‘G R’ insignia – most likely the insignia of King George V, dating the photograph between 1910 and 1936.   Save Save Save

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